• The CODEONE V1 Model
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  The CODEONE is an all-around performer kite that comes in 5 sizes: 7, 9, 10, 12 and 14m.
This very stable and powerful kite provides a good handling and lots of power in all parts of the wind window. The stability and manoeuvrability of the kite give comfort and versatile handling, allowing to focus on riding.
The stability and maneuverability of the kite provides comfort yet versatile handling, allowing you to focus on riding.
The CODEONE has both a smooth power development and a powerful performance when required. This combination provides serious freeride performance.
The CODEONE large wind range and upwind efficiency along with the self-stabilization provide a consistent power drive, ideal for flat water, choppy and waves.
The CODEONE is ideal for riders of all levels, from beginners to experienced riders progressing to the next level.

When buying at CODEONE the following are included: Kite, Kite Bag and Repair kit. It does not include Control System or Pump.


  You can order by contacting us via email or phone. we can also arrange a demo if you want to try before you buy, we are stationary in Aarhus, Denmark.

Wind Range

  This wind range guide is based on a 75kg rider on a 135cm twin-tip board. Different wind conditions, temperatures and humidity may affect the wind range. The skill level of the rider along with board design may also affect the wind range.
Kite Size Control Bar Line Length

Wind Range (knots)

Wind Range (∼m/s)

7m2 55cm 24m 18 - 35 9 - 18
9m2 55cm 24m 16 - 29 8 - 15
10m2 55cm 24m 15 - 25 8 - 13
12m2 55cm 24m 12 - 22 6 - 11
14m2 55cm 24m 10 - 20 5 - 10


  The CODEONE has a black canopy with red leading edge and struts.


  Teijin rip stop and canopy fabric and Dacron fabric.

Inflate and Deflate System

  One Boston Valve for inflation and deflation. The Boston valve provides low air resistant resolving in a quick and reliable inflation of your kite.
For deflation, the Boston valve provides a high air output allowing a smooth and quick packing of the kite.
To avoid snagging a neoprene cover comes on top of the Boston valve and protects the kite fabric.

One-Pump System

  The One-Pump System allows to pump the entire kite at one time. Each strut is connected to the leading edge bladder by small tubes. Small clips separate each strut chamber from the leading edge.

Hybrid Design

  The CODEONE has a 3 struts hybrid design, this makes it lightweight and reliable yet providing a solid and stabilize canopy shape, thanks to the shape and thickness of the struts.


  The bridle provides multiple reinforced connections to the leading edge of the kite for extra strength. The bridle utilizes a safety glider in the upper cascade for smoother depower and handling.

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