Become a Reseller

  Welcome to our reseller page, we are always interested in expanding our corporation with passionate people. We like to build an maintain an excellent and open partnership with our resellers. This is the reason why we propose a straightforward discount model. Our reseller price model relies on a simple concept: the higher sale = the higher discount. We call it the Go-Forward model.

In order to become a PSYCHOPREEF reseller, you can either, sign up directly on the website, or you may contract us directly using the contact form:



Remember to provide detail information about your company including the following information:
• Company name
• E-mail
• Phone Number
• VAT number (if available)

When your company is approved you will get access to our reseller webshop, where you will find all our products including prices. if the company have a valid EU VAT number the VAT will be extracted from the price during check out.

Go-Forward model

  As a reseller, you have access to 5 different levels of prices and discounts.
The price level that applies to you depends on the total amount that you ordered during the previous sale period (previous year).
The 5 levels are the following:

This allows you to step up along the levels based on your re-selling capacity

Go-Large option

  In order not to wait one year before reaching a discount price level, you can have access to a discount right away by using the Go-Large option.
With the Go-Large option, you can jump to a discount level 4 or 5, with up to one or two delivery dates per year. To benefit from the Go-Large option, your minimum order must equal the cut for Group Level 4 (e.g. 20,000€) or Group Level 5 (e.g. 40,000€).

Note that you will change to this specific price level for the rest of the year during the Go-Large order is placed!

Pre-Order option

  The Pre-Order option suits perfectly the ones who can anticipate their number of sales.
The Pre-Order option gives you a discount equal to level 5 or 4 depending on how many months in advance the order is placed:
• 5 months in advance (before delivery) order gives a Level 5 discount
• 3 months in advance (before delivery) order gives a Level 4 discount

Note that you will not change to this specific price level. You will get the discount, for that single order only.