PSYCHOREEF® is a Danish watersports brand, established in 2014 by VangPerformance.

At Psychoreef, we are a team of passionate people. Our passion for watersports drives us to design and manufacture high-end kiteboarding equipment with a solid and high-performance design utilizing the best quality material and workmanship.

We are avid to be out there on the water, not only because we like kiteboarding, but also because we love to design products that perfectly fit with the dynamic nature of the wind and the sea. We have dedicated the last years designing and testing to come up with a full range of state-of-the-art products.

We are based in Denmark and our products are designed with simplicity, safety, and functionality in mind. We focus on the features that matter the most and always keep the design as slick as possible. The simple design and profound test effort ensure high safety while providing the functionality tuned to perfection.

Whether you want to feel the power of the wind, the speed on the water, to experience the floating in the air, to do big turns on waves or simply to ride freely, our products are designed for you. We hope that our products will encourage more people to experience the accomplishment of riding on the water.

Our Vision is to provide good value for money for our customer, without compromising quality, technology or design.

We always stay connected to our customers and we put them first when it comes to delivering the best products and services.  

The PSYCHOREEF® brand name is a registered trademark and owned by PSYCHOREEF ApS.

PSYCHOREEF® is here to stay.

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